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Evan Knox
Evan Knox - Evan Knox Designs fine jewelry

Evan Knox is a talented jewelry designer who resides in Nashville, IN. Evan's jewelry carries on the tradition of high quality work that Indiana artisans are known for producing. Her jewelry designs include reticulated silver, leather and pearls as well as precious and semi-precious gemstones.

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Rachel & Micki- creators of First City Silver

Claire Koenig and Rachel DiGregorio - First City Silver Jewelry Fine silver clay, antique wax seal impressions

A mother and daughter team of dreamers, who love antiques, the romance of the past, and jewelry. Their creations allow the two to pursue their passions and they take pride in each and every item they create. Each piece of jewelry in the First City Silver collection is made entirely by hand from .999% fine silver clay. They are embossed by hand using antique wax seals, watch fobs and heraldic rings. Once dry, they are sanded and smoothed and then fired in a kiln. After firing, each piece is tumbled for strength. An eco-friendly patina is then applied, and finally, each item is hand-polished with an archival jewelry wax to bring out the rich luster of the silver. Embeddable bails, jump rings, findings and chains are Sterling Silver (.925) unless otherwise noted. Claire works hard to make their jewelry appear as if it's lived a long and well-traveled life. Nicks, dings and shadings add nuance to each piece in the First City Silver collection. These are not "shiny" and "new-looking" creations; they bear instead the look of just-discovered, cherished treasures from the past. Their pieces are "full-bodied;" heavier and far richer to the touch than most you'll find. 

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Barb Lund, photo by D. Parkhurst

Barb Lund - high fired functional stoneware pottery

Barb moved to Bloomington, Indiana from Connecticut in 1972 with her former husband to complete his doctorate at Indiana University. She began her pottery career in 1984 when she took a couple ceramics classes through IU’s continuing studies program at the IMU. She had a friend who was a potter and decided it would be a fun path to pursue. Barb has been a full time potter since 1993 and has traveled to art fairs near and far. Her high fired pottery is food, dishwasher and microwave safe, and her unique earring holders are now sold all over the United States as a fine, functional piece of artwork with a Southern Indiana origin.

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Jennifer Meeker

Jennifer Meeker- Jennifer Meeker Ceramic Art

Jennifer has always had a wide range of imagination. Having an interest and “addiction” to art was never a question for her. After being recognized throughout the years, especially in New Palestine High School, Indiana, Jennifer knew that she wanted to pursue a career in art. While attending Herron School of Art, Indianapolis, within a few years, the decision to focus on two mediums was made: ceramics and photography. Jennifer then received her BFA in fine art photography and ceramics in 2010. She now resides in her ceramic studio in Indianapolis, IN, in the neighborhood of Fountain Square. You’ll see Jennifer at various juried art festivals around the following states during the summer, Indianapolis' own “First Fridays” as well as many local events throughout the year. Her work also is seen at various shops around Indiana.

The major development of her work is based on the interaction between human and nature. Jennifer finds the relationship between the two very intriguing; how we interact, develop, and destroy nature as a human society. Her inspirations come from observational views demonstrating ideas of man and nature as well as shapes formed in nature. These include trees and mushrooms that strike her as intriguing and exquisite. She also finds it fascinating how nature seems to overcome any man made obstacle in their course. This could be an example of how a tree can grow right around a fence or nails, as executed in some pieces.  Many of her ceramic forms also include the use of cooling towers from nuclear power plants and other industrialized tools, representing the man aspect in her work. Jennifer experiments with these two ideas by incorporating it into her work sculpturally and functionally, giving the audience a wide variety in enjoying her work.

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Susy O'Donnell
Susy O'Donnell - Handcrafted Brown County Redware

Susy’s journey with pottery began in the early 1980’s when she first took private lessons and audited classes at Indiana University. She acquired the essential equipment for her ceramic studio: a wheel, kiln, pug mill, slab roller and more tools of her trade. In the early 1990’s, she and her husband attended traditional craft shows on the east coast and together they sold his hand made early American furniture and her pottery. 

Susy’s interest in historic ceramic forms and collections of historic redware, such as those of the Pennsylvania Dutch potters in the Philadelphia Museum of Art, provided a natural evolution into her next chapter of pottery making. 

In 1998, she was approached by a collector of Brown County fine art to create a line of Brown County (redware) Pottery for a new shop in Nashville. Inspired by the collection plus her desire to revive the style, Susy developed a body of work using, red clay, cream colored slip, and a sgraffito decoration (cutting away of the surface layer to expose a different colored ground).   The pieces are then hand painted with decorative motifs common to the Brown County area, such as flowers (Cornflowers, Black Eyed Susan’s, Daisies, & Tulips), acorns, persimmons, pinecones, birds, deer, and more. 

Redware pottery originated with the Griffith family, Wisconsin artists who moved to Brown County in the 1930’s to become a part of Nashville’s thriving art colony. Click here for more history on the Griffith family and their introduction of redware pottery to Brown County.

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linda roozen

Linda Roozen
Urban Silverworks

Though relatively new to the silversmithing scene, Linda Romick draws inspiration and expertise from her vast background in textiles, jewelry, architecture and interior design.
An avid traveler, her work is not only inspired by Asian, Northern Africa and European dynamics, but also by living within the resplendent nature of her surroundings in the back woods of Brown County Indiana.

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Tim Terry creating one of a kind jewelry

Tim Terry - One of a kind jewelry
Silver and gold jewelry , precious, semi-precious stones

Born in Ohio, Tim Terry found his talent for jewelry after studying Anthropology and traveling the world in the Peace Corps. He began with copper, but soon evolved his skill to silver and semi-precious stones. Much of Terry’s inspiration derived from a trip to California to study techniques of the Navajo, Hopi, and Zuni Native Americans, influenced by heavy silver metals and enhanced design detail through the use of oxidizing agents. He is well known for his creative designs, which often incorporate the natural world with mythological creatures and figures, such as dragons, serpents and sea creatures. Tim now resides in Southern, Indiana with his talented wife, Ladi.

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